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A New Roof in Somerset , KY, for Homes and Businesses

When you need better protection for the people and property you love, Super Roofing has you covered. Our local business provides a brand-new roof in Somerset, KY, that protects your building from rain, wind, hail, and pests. A rock-solid roof from us is what keeps your investment safe for the long term. Give us a call, and we’ll gladly tell you how.


Our team’s expertise allows us to handle many projects for both residential and commercial roofing customers, leaving results that last for decades. The Super Roofing pros do everything from inspections to repairs and replacements on all types of roofs, such as asphalt, metal, and flat. We even handle insurance claims and can help with deductibles. Where necessary, we’re happy to recommend a reputable company for any job we’re unable to do. 

We even handle insurance claims and whenever possible can help with deductibles. You name it, we can do it, if not we will recommend a reputable company that can!  

Roofing and So Much More

Looking to take your roof in a whole new direction? From picking out new shingles to installing a new metal roof, we’re happy to help you sort out the details that make your new roof even better than you expected. 

Commercial and Residential Roofing in Somerset, KY

 We can also install new siding and windows if you’re looking to improve the overall look of your home or commercial establishment to match your new, clean roof. All of our work is guaranteed and performed to your satisfaction.